Departure – Midnight Dreams

Some Blender Eevee fun. Mainly me exploring the render engine and its material as well as compositor. I did not bother making low poly versions of the chairs and table: so not Game Art – check my other posts for […]

Going Over – World War 1 Trench

Armistice Day inspired me to work on a World War 1 environment. I had toyed with the idea for a video where “Going Over” was going to be a literal camera swing, though in the end opted for a more […]

Rising Storm 2 – Green Army Men Christmas Special

Contract work for Tripwire Interactive; I worked on Rising Storm 2’s Green Army Men Christmas Special. Responsible mainly for new original props as well as working closely with the Level Designers to help produce a new multiplayer map for the […]

Near Future – Gadgets & Weapons

First Person gadgets and non-lethal weapons made for an unannounced Unreal Engine 4 FPS. Rendered for presentation in Marmoset. Models and Textures by me; based on concepts by Phoebe Herring.

Sails of War – Dinghy

A small dinghy to be carried or towed. This one is made for our in game Cutter Ship and will swing at its back, in full view of the player. The model is game ready, fully textured in Substance Painter […]

Sails of War – Sloop

Styled after a Royal Navy Swan Class Sloop (1766) this Sloop-of-war model was made for the upcoming Sails of War. Everything you see is UE4. It being my personal game project I did everything from modeling, texturing, materials etc. Sails […]

Colonial Viper MK II – Battlestar Galactica

BSG Viper MK 2 Main Screen

Colonial Viper MK II as seen on Battlestar Galactica. The model was an assignment for university. I took it a bit further then just modeling and also made a texture and set it to render in UE4. The model is […]