Going Over – World War 1 Trench

Armistice Day inspired me to work on a World War 1 environment.

I had toyed with the idea for a video where “Going Over” was going to be a literal camera swing, though in the end opted for a more traditional screenshot-only approach. I do think the model and detail work still comes through though and brings the same hard cut between tranquil field and war-torn trench.

(Hobby) Historians may find all major nations of the Western Front represented in this scene. There is upwards of 30 props.
All in all, this was a great exercise in prop work, composition, lighting, and post-processing. All work was done between Blender, Substance and Unreal Engine 4. I did also learn Marvelous Designer for this project.

Let me just end in those eternal words of “Lest we forget”, and let us venture forth into broad, sunlit uplands: Together.

Special thanks goes to the DiNusty Discord and all its great Artists who were quick to critique and feedback!